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A new hair restoring method

Each of us have heard of many different methods of reconstruction of thin, fragile and damaged hair. Wonderful, simply wonderful results guarantee any cosmetic company, a beauty salon! Believe it or not - each individual case, but at least one method worthy of attention. It is a patented method to adopt many stylists in the world and that is important, authorized by the Israeli Ministry of Health.

In Israel, one of the first start to practice this method of network salons HEADS, which led the famous stylists Yigal Goote, Reuven Now Mitch Suleimanov. They are well known in Europe thanks to performances from the show hairstyles in Spain, Poland, Russia and Italy, where local craftsmen to represent our country at prestigious international competitions.

The technique, helped hundreds of women, is a combination of technologies “Bio-keratin” and “hot scissors, as well as CPR and salt-free system based on proteins useful tools for hair. This is, in fact, the treatment being carried out in four stages:

In the first phase applied bezammiachnye, friendly dyes on natural ingredients. The second “Bio-keratin” zapaivaet “irregularities and roughness secant and over dried hair. Bifid “Bio-keratin” deeply penetrates into the hair, and is synchronized with the natural keratin. As a result, each compacted hair and increases in volume with the addition of protein. As a result the hair becomes smooth, soft and strong and easy to installation. The third phase - a “hot scissors, which work through the computer: when cutting Secants ends, again, zapaivayutsya, making hair less sekutsya become shinier, faster growing, and almost did not suffer the harmful effects of the external environment. Cleaning salt and chlorine does not penetrate into the hair and keratin, and the vital elements remain. At the last stage of CPR system of amino acids and reducing salt-free shampoo and mask based on the protein to restore the sick and damaged hair, feeding them, reinforcing and protecting.